Beta testing and boring gardens promotion!

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    Hi everyone,

    We're testing, we're making our gardens and now we want to see yours so we can break the app ahead of the public beta, so, would you like to get involved?

    We are running a promotion From now till the end of January and we're looking for Britain and Ireland's most boring garden…not a most enduring title to have, but here at , we can change all that!

    So, You send us a picture or image of your garden which could include; the most overgrown garden, etc or just a plain old back-garden that is in need of some TLC.

    Now we have a dozen upgrades plus goodie bag to give away, Plus guaranteed access to the online closed beta where you will be able to use and break the app for us to your heart’s content.

    People have four ways to participate: Tweet us at @VR_Home_Garden #vrboringgarden

    Or via our FaceBook page: VRHomeAndGarden

    You can visit our website

    Or simply email us your pics / images at

    Our YouTube channel is where you can catch our video content, and the latest video is at

    So feel free to get in touch, sign up and share your garden images, you would be amazed at the results!

    #vrboringgarden #gardenplanner #digitalgarden #VR #3D
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