MS Hololens being put to good use

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    One of the questions that has troubled me about augmented reality is the cost-to-benefit issue. Most people can think of some uses, but even if the current astronomical prices drop, just how useful can it be?

    But it may in the end turn out that augmented reality is to the first half of the twenty first century what the laser was to the second half of the twentieth: a solution looking for a problem - and finding a lot more than just one!

    When various people in the US and USSR filed their patent applications for the "optical maser" as it was then called - and even when Theodore Maiman actually made one - one could figure out what it could be used for. This was despite the fact that Denis Gabor had already conceived the concept of holography and just needed a suitable source of coherent light.

    Now we have, laser disks to store information, bar code scanners, laser repeaters in optical fiber networks, laser pointers and measuring tools and even laser surgery.

    Could it be that AR will do more than enable is to chase Pokemon? Could it be more than just a way to provide street names in a heads-up navigation system? Maybe it can be used to help surgeons? It's being trialed at Imperial College, London. At last the light of serious applications at the end of the tunnel.

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