VR in the classroom

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    In years to come people will look back on this decade as a technological marvel. It's not just the smart phones and 4G networks that came in at the beginning of the decade, but also the things that are being built in the lab or trialed in pilot projects as we approach the end of the decade.

    These exciting things include the development, though not yet commercial deployment, of self-driving cars, domestic storage of electricity, AR and VR. But nobody will remember a decade just for giving people a new way to play. All play and no work, makes Jack a prize jerk. However a new set of tools for education, that's another matter.

    That's why I am always excited to read about developments like the use of Virtual Reality in education. Education is the key to progress. So progress in the process of education is progress that begets progress. It's like a breeder reactor that breeds its own fuel. Except that this "fuel" is abstract and doesn't pose a safety threat.

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