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    VR Store (150K+ Installs) offers the best and newest Virtual Reality Apps & 360° videos for Google Cardboard and Daydream from Google Play Store & YouTube, who don´t offer the following hot features:

    1. Sort content by rating or number of (re-)views.
    2. Filter by “Categories” or “Best” content.
    3. Sort & start your “Installed” VR Apps (even offline).

    To offer you the newest VR content, it is updated automatically every 30 minutes & preset sorted by date/number of reviews.

    For amazing 360°+3D videos go to “All 360°” > “Categories” > “3D”.
    ForDaydream VR Appsgo to “All” > “Categories” > “New: Daydream”. More info: www.virtualvizor.com/daydream-vr-apps

    “Best” content filter shows VR content with high ratings & numbers of (re-)views.
    “All” content filter shows all VR Apps with 2.9+ star rating & all 360° videos with 1+ like. Number of VR Apps & videos shown for each filter.

    Company decided to use non-VR view-mode to read/scroll results easier & relieve your head.

    5-star rating of YouTube videos calculated automatically by our new algorithm:
    number of likes / (number of likes + number of dislikes) x 5.

    Starting VR Store for the first time takes up to 20 sec.

    Download VR Store from Google Play Store and enjoy Virtual Reality.

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